Free listing with many features

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  2. January 17, 2013 21:01

Free listing with many features


Free listing with many features

If you have a boat or yacht for sale, feel free to take advantage of a free listing at this new  listing platform.

In order to populate the new listing service, we go to great length to make your property more visible on the internet.

It is free, no monthly or annual costs, no commissions. There are optional paid listings too, but we have included a lot in the free listings,
such as:

  • No time limit (just tell us when your boat or yacht is sold)
  • HTML descriptions og plain text
  • Multiple categories
  • 2 photos with the free version (up to 12 if paid listing)
  • Google maps in your listing (optional)

And in the beginning there is very little competition, so you will have a head start if you get get on board now.

To list item is much more straight forward than on any of our old websites, there are clear guidelines too, here, and if you encounter any problems, we are here to assist you.



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